Study tours 2011

Knowledge Transfer of Czech Experience: Modern approach to managing and developing human resources of parliament of georgia

October 2011; UNDP

Main objective of this project aimed at supporting the Parliament of Georgia in ongoing reforms to ensure that administrative systems meet institutional needs and effective parliamentary development and management tools are introduced. Special focus was to increase awareness of Georgian Parliament on Czech approach in the area of parliamentary development, operations and management, with a particular focus on: modern approach to managing and developing human resources system in parliaments; public relation strategies and communication tools; modern research methods and IT tools; coordination and implementation of reforms and establishing grounds for adoption of selected experiences from the Czech Republic.

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Decision-Making Process at the National and Local Level by applying Cech Best Practices in Ukraine

July – 2011; UNDP

The main focus of the study Tour for representatives of the civil society organizations and officers from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the Czech Republic will be on public involvement and on the role of CSOs in this process. Participants will meet representatives from CSOs from different fields (ecology, social services, civic rights, culture etc.). They will also have the possibility to speak to representatives of all levels of government – state, regional and local government, all carefully selected for their active role in the field of civic engagement, about their experience gained during the transformation and creation of the CSO sector and civic society in the Czech Republic.