Student Agora

Agora for Students - On the Way to the Parliament

Agora for Students is a debating project for secondary school students. The project consists of two fundamental parts: first, there are seminars for secondary school students; second, there is the contest called on the Way to the Parliament, in which students selected to compete in the individual debating teams and representing schools in the regional and national rounds of the contest take part.

The contest teaches students to look at different issues from different angles. They must seek information about each topic in order to be able to defend their opinions both for and against the given statement. In this way, they learn to take an informed stance on the topics under discussion and perfect their own opinions on the particular issues. Also they are motivated by the project to learn about contemporary social issues, make their opinion on them and become active within community they live in.

"On the Way to the Parliament" already has a tradition of six years and we are going to continue with the project as long as the schools are interested and it is useful for the students. A total of 3,000 students have taken part in the project so far.  The discussions were mainly focused on the European Union and topics concerning coexistence within the EU, on human rights and national diversity.