Participatory budgeting

The project itself consists of three main activities that help to meet, discuss and understand different perspectives of the participatory budget (PB) implementation in V4 municipalities.

These three activities help to introduce the concept of PB in the municipalities of V4 countries. To prove implementation of such concept of good governance into ruling principles of V4 municipalities we will prepare methodologies that suit the national contexts of the countries where is the concept of PB not much spread or used (Czech Republic and Slovak) .

  1. Public presentation and following workshop on the topic of PB in Prague (February)

    Main goal is to introduce and discuss differences of top-down (case of Wałbrzych) and bottom-up (case of Bratislava Nove Mesto  and Ruzomberok) approaches to PB. Local authorities’ representatives will attend during the seminar. The following workshop will be used to deepen discussion between the project partners and representatives of the mentioned municipalities to find the suitable ways to introduce this concept in CZ and SVK.

  2. Study tour (April)

    Study tour for the members of the team and representatives of at least four municipalities will be organized to enable them to get acquainted with the real conditions for PB implementation. The study tour will go to Dąbrowa Górnicza, Łódź and Warszava, where the PB was already successfully implemented in past two years.
    pdf Study tour program, April 27 - 29
  3. Manual of Participatory budgeting

    The simple but illustrative electronic manual of PB will be crated as tool for disseminating and exploiting the projects results. It will serve especially for the countries where the BP was still not successfully adopted (Czech, Slovak) and disseminated by the partners among the V4 countries.

    Participatory budgeting - case studies of cities: Dabrowa Gornicza (PL), Walbrzych (PL), Bratislava - Nové Mesto (SK), Banská Bystrica (SK)
    pdf Participatory_budgeting_-_cz
    pdf Participatory_budgeting_-_eng
    pdf Participatory_budgeting_-_sk
    pdf Participatory_budgeting_-_pl