International projects

With support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Agora Central Europe completed several projects on citizens’ participation in Serbia (2006, 2007-8) and Bosnia Herzegovina (2007-8). Since 2008, AGORA CE is also implementing citizen participation projects in Moldova and Georgia. The projects in Georgia were implemented in cooperation with several Czech partner organizations (People in Need, Association for International Affairs, TransitionOnline, FALA) with the financial support of the MFA CR and the National Endowment for Democracy. Agora’s local partner organization, Civitas Georgica is located in Tbilisi, with co-workers across Georgia. During the course of the project, AGORA CE gained thorough knowledge of the situation on local and regional levels. In 2010, Agora started a new project in the Kvermo Kartli and Guria regions aimed at capacity building of new local representatives by presenting seminars and training (supported by MFA CR and NED).

Over the past years, AGORA CE organized several study tours for delegations from different transitional countries. To see their topics and content, please go to "Study tours" in the right menu.

Apart from that Agora CE also manages its own foreign projects. In the year 2007 Agora CE statrted to conduct first large project - Building partnerships on the local level - in Serbia and also Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since then Agora conducts at least three international projects per year. Main donors are Ministry of Forreign Affair, CR, department of Transition, National Endowment for Democracy, UNDP and lately also Czech Development Agency.

Agora CE was established in 1998 by two renowned Dutch organizations – The Institute for the Public and Politics and Stichting Agora Europa, - its sister organization. Agora CE has an extensive experience with cooperation with all stakeholders - private sector subjects, government institutions and NGO sector: VNG International, an Association of Netherlands Municipalities, co-operated with AGORA CE on five participatory projects conducted in the Czech Republic while two other joint international projects were carried out in Lithuania and Latvia. Agora Central Europe has working relationships with Habitat platform, Dutch housing and development organization (private organizations), the Open Society Fund Prague, CEE Trust and several other international organizations. It is a member of the CEE Citizen Network, an international network of NGOs aimed at citizens’ participation. AGORA CE also cooperates with international university chains (e.g. CINEFOGO, SPERA, Science&Décision Université Pierre et Marie Curie etc.). Agora CE cooperates with Ministry of Regional Development (seminars, conferences, expertise, consultations), Ministry of Labour and Social Works (dtto), Ministry of Interior (Methodology and Manual for involvement of citizens), City of Prague (Methodology of involvement of citizens into preparation of Master plan, Cultural Policy preparation). Agora CE closely cooperates with the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, mainly with the Parliamentary Institute, which serves as a research department of the Czech Parliament.